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Demand confirmation

Fully communicate with customers to understand their specific needs, including specific requirements such as wire type, specification, material, length, as well as usage environment and special needs. Ensure customer needs are accurately understood and documented. 

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Technical evaluation

According to customer needs, perform technical evaluation and calculate the reasonable size, load capacity, wear resistance, etc. of the wire. At the same time, appropriate raw materials are selected according to the material and functional requirements required by the customer. 

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Sample production

Make wire samples based on customer needs and technical evaluation results. After the sample production is completed, strict testing and evaluation are conducted to ensure that the quality and performance of the wire meet customer requirements.

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Sample confirmation

Deliver the prepared samples to the customer for testing and verification. After the customer confirms that the sample meets the requirements, proceed to the next step. 

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Mass production

Mass production of wire rods according to customer's order quantity. During the production process, production control and quality supervision are strictly carried out in accordance with customer requirements and technical specifications to ensure that the quality and performance of mass-produced wires meet the requirements.

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Delivery and after-sales service

After the wire production is completed, it is packaged and delivered according to the customer's requirements. At the same time, we provide after-sales service to answer problems encountered by customers during use, provide technical support and maintenance services, and ensure customer satisfaction.