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Male/female JST Plug Connector cable for led strip light

Special Custom Cable

Male/female JST Plug Connector cable for led strip light

This product's male and female plugs can effectively connect the two products into a circuit for use, especially suitable for LED light strips and other electronic products to transmit current and conduct circuits.


    Product Name

    SMP Male or Female Connector Wire

    Wire material

    pure copper

    Insulation layer

    environmentally friendly PVC plastic

    Connection method

    male and female plug docking

    Wire specification


    Plug specifications

    2PIN/3PIN/4PIN/5PIN, etc


    15CM or customized length


    (1) The conductor is made of pure copper material, which is corrosion-resistant, has strong conductivity, and is not easily oxidized to ensure stable current output.
    (2) The 2.54mm spacing male and female plugs are docked, and the tail end of the lead is tin plated and exposed, making it easy to connect and use.
    (3) The wire model, length, and color can be customized according to customer requirements.
    (4) Our company can customize and produce various plug terminal wires, suitable for various fields such as lighting fixtures, batteries, toys, circuit boards, game controllers, etc. Welcome to choose.
    (5) High production efficiency, fast delivery time, meeting the demand for fast delivery.

    3.Product application

    Especially suitable for LED light strips, LED wall washing lamp, LED buried lights, LED belt lights, curtain lights, flash lights and other lighting products are suitable for batteries, toys, circuit boards, game controllers and other fields. We are happy to choose customized options.